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H2H adopts a unique, high-touch, integrated clinical and social approach to care delivery. Our comprehensive offerings maximize our ability to impact the homeless population.

Housing the Homeless Since 2017

For over five years, our teams of clinicians and support specialists have been implementing custom programs that are helping the homeless achieve sustainable housing. These include the following:

Residential Services

Assisting homeless members with sustainable housing solutions

Healthcare Services

Offering partnerships and prevention programs to improve health & wellness

Supportive Services

Providing case management and other support services to sustain the gains 

Outreach Services

Identifying at-risk populations to place them into appropriate programs

Comprehensive Support System

Our Integrated Services…

In Action

A Home-First Mindset

Our data demonstrates that  focusing on and executing upon a strategy to get the homeless off the streets and into a sustainable housing situation is the best “first” path forward. Doing so, accelerates the time to first value significantly, maximizing healthcare cost and quality improvements for the homeless population.

Data- and Human-Centric Methodology

At H2H, our care teams follow scientific research and analytics to deliver exceptional clinical outcomes, translating into significant cost savings opportunities. However, this is only part of the equation. It is also important that the care is delivered with the dignity our members deserve, because while top-notch clinical care drives the bulk of the savings, a dignified experience improves their quality of life, which is proven to further enhance outcomes—a win-win combination.

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