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What We Do

Our commercially crafted business model delivers mission critical results that include ending homelessness, saving lives, and saving hundreds of millions in unnecessary healthcare spending.

Homelessness & Healthcare

We Solve Big Problems

Arguably the most pressing social and public crises facing us today are homelessness and unafforbable healthcare. For decades, non-profit charities and government agencies have been working diligently to solve these problems…with limited success.

Meanwhile, H2H has identified a unique, for profit and at-risk solution that can end homelessness and drive unnecessary costs out of the healthcare system. We have continued to refine this playbook, proving it to be a win-win for all parties involved.

However, before diving into the playbook, it is important to understand the key levers that power it.

Savings Opportunities

Uncontrolled Spending Offers Extraordinary Savings Potential

While healthcare costs are massive and growing, add homelessness to the equation, and costs per beneficiary spike by 5X.

Big Returns

Effective Population Health Achieves Big Returns

When properly managed by H2H, this excessive and unnecessary cost savings opportunity translates into reinvestment opportunities to pay to house and support the homeless.


Non-MCO Framework Enables Payouts to the Homeless

And, since we are a non-managed care organization (MCO), H2H is not bound by compliance constraints and can direct monies from these gains to house the homeless.

Health Plan Partnerships

We Share Savings Via At-Risk Arrangements

H2H creates risk-sharing agreements with its Medicaid health plan partners that also provide absolute protection from any downside risk. The process is as follows:

1. Baseline

Upon agreement of baseline valuation, H2H identifies the population and begins the work.

Baseline is determined based on 36-months of claims data, calculating the average annual spend of the homeless cohort.

2. Improve

The work creates healthcare improvements which are compared to the baseline.

Improvements are measured based on detailed claims analysis; gains are shared and reconciled, quarterly.

3. Sustain

Upon completion (i.e., 18-month projects), all gains are reconciled across the project.

Sustaining the gain is the objective, with new baselines established and new at-risk engagements discussed.

Health Plan Partnerships

We Exclusively Manage the Homeless

H2H offers integrated services that mobilize the unhoused into stable living situations. Coupled with on-site support and referral-based care networks, we deliver amazing returns for the Medicaid plans we partner with.

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