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Who We Are

Homeless to Home (H2H) is comprised of experienced population health managers who are guided by proven playbooks that deliver multi-million dollar shared savings returns for our MCO partners.

Our Leadership Team

Homeless to Home (H2H) was founded on the principle that healthcare and homelessness are the most pressing challenges of our time.  Since 2017, our leadership team, along with our experienced support teams, have developed tested solutions that deliver measureable, sustainable results.

Tommy is an experienced entrepreuner and CEO in the healthcare industry, having founded several companies including a Medicaid managed care company called Trusted Health in 2013. Tommy grew this company into a multi-state plan serving 50,000 beneficiaries. The company was recently sold to CareFirst, a division of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), for $130 million.

Tommy Duncan

CEO & Founder, Homeless to Home

Robert has extensive experience in the healthcare industry both as an executive and investor. Before starting Morgan Noble, Robert founded four other companies; he was CEO of two billion-dollar businesses and led three through successful IPOs. He had also served as a key strategic advisor and board member for Trusted Health alongside Tommy and Chuck.

Robert Haft

Managing Partner, Morgan Noble

Chuck is a skilled investor with over 25 years of experience in the private equity space, most recently at Juggernaut as managing director. In this role, Chuck leads investment and value creation for its billion-dollar fund, investing in a variety of sectors including healthcare. Chuck worked directly with Tommy and Robert to assist with the exit of Trusted Health.

Chuck Dieveney

Managing Director, Juggernaut Capital

Our Story

How We Got Here

Homeless to Home (H2H) is a team of business-minded entrepreneurs and humanity-inspired individuals who wish to do good and do well for the communities they serve.

In 2017, our leader and CEO embarked on a crusade to improve outcomes and drive cost measures for the Medicaid health plan he founded near Washington D.C. While entering into an agreement to manage 50,000 lives, our now CEO Tommy Duncan scoured healthcare claims data to identify the leading contributors to poor quality and cost of care within the population. It became glaringly apparent that irrespective of medical conditions, behavioral characteristics, or demography, people classified as homeless were at the bottom of just about every measurement category. As a result, the health plan was spending more than 5 times the average of those participants classified as housed.

Rather than throw his hands in the air to a problem that seemed unsolvable, Tommy along his teams of clinicians and social workers in the community used this data to their advantage and made systemic changes

that have dramatically improved the lives of the homeless population in D.C.

Flash forward to 2021, and 52% of this previously homeless population in D.C. remains housed; and, of these housed individuals, 66% are gainfully employed. As such, during this four-year span, people classified as homeless are now costing less than 1.5 times as opposed to 3 – 5 times the cost of care. This is due in large part to major reductions in readmission and inpatient admission rates that are at or near the housed.

While there is still lots of work to be done, a proven system of care, equipped with people, processes, programs, and infrastructure has been crafted that addresses two of the most significant problems our nation faces today: homelessness and out-of-control, unnecessary healthcare expenditures.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

We follow our mission, vision, and values to achieve excellence.




To provide a home for every homeless member we serve.


To develop and implement best-in-class people, processes, programs, and infrastructure that target the most vulnerable Medicaid population we serve—the homeless. Doing so, affords a home for every homeless person we serve, which ultimately delivers industry leading cost and quality outcomes to our members and clients.


Our company leads with the heart in everything we do.


everyone is treated with dignity and equality


everyone puts themselves in the shoes of their members, customers, and co-workers


everyone envisions achievements as a journey and not a destination


everyone strives to deliver measurable, impactful results


everyone works together because they know the team is more important and impactful than the individual

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