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Why Choose Us?

Our unique, at-risk (non-MCO) framework achieves amazing returns for our Medicaid provider partners.

Slashing Unnecessary Healthcare Spending

Amazing Gainsharing Returns

At Homeless to Home (H2H), we focus on our mission and vision to drive exceptional outcomes for our Medicaid provider partners.

Our mission states that we “provide a home to every homeless member we serve.” And, with a home-first mindset, our support teams immediately work with the homeless to get them off the streets and into stable, housing environments. According to internal data, the removal of this risk factor alone saves between $2,200 and $3,000 per member per year. Why? Because now this population is able to focus on their health and well-being; because let’s face it, it would be extraordinarily difficult (to say the least) for anyone to focus without a roof over their head.

Subsequently, our vision dictates that we “develop and implement best-

in-class people, processes, programs, and infrastructure that target the most vulnerable—the homeless.” As such, we establish proven, programmatic frameworks to empower success for the homeless within each community we manage. This high-touch support system, equipped with housing and outreach services, medical and dental care, as well as job readiness and placement solutions generate additional cost savings of between $7,500 and $11,500 per member per year.

All told, H2H delivers approximately $9,200 per member per year in population health savings (or almost a 50% reduction in unnecessary healthcare costs for each homeless beneficiary served!)

At-Risk Managed Care Model (no downside risk)

H2H creates a unique at-risk model that delivers amazing returns (as detailed above) while affording total downside protection. As such, when you partner with us, you cannot lose. Our 18-month projects consistently deliver ten-plus-figure returns. And while it’s never happened before, if we are unable to deliver on our promise, then you pay us nothing.

Mission Critical Impact Too

Ending homelessness and saving lives are noble objectives indeed. And at H2H, they are the motivations that power our work every day.

Our teams of clinicians and social workers employ rich data analytics and battle-tested programmatic solutions to further our mission of housing every homeless member we serve. As such, over the last four years, we have housed nearly half of our homeless beneficiaries, knowing that this socially conscious mission ultimately leads to improved cost and quality healthcare outcomes.

To learn more about the programs we offer our homeless members, click here.

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